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World Capacity Builders Inc.
Financial Freedom for the Disadvantaged.
To learn more about World Capacity Builders, or if you have ideas and concepts related to Blockchain technology and you want to collaborate with us, contact us.

World Capacity Builders Inc. (henceforth called “Capacity Builders”) is a private British Columbian company with international partnerships in the Fintech industry.
Our Mission is to work with technically savvy companies in the Fintech space who can assist us, in the long run, to overall improve the capacities of the poor in the world.
About World Capacity Builders

Capacity Builders has carefully assembled a group of companies as strategic Partners. Each possesses a specialty(ies) in the payment technology sector. With their enabling and capability improvement expertise, these Partners are expected to be sustainable and help in Capacity Builders’ mission.

Understanding that the Fintech world is evolving very quickly, Capacity Builders will continue to identify, assess, and strategically align with companies in other innovative technologies, platforms, and systems to improve its overall product.

Our Partners’ Capabilities

With our current Partners we are able to offer:

  • digital-based Payment Platforms that could be international. As such, we would be able to service poor people of the world at affordable costs to them;
  • eCommerce payment and speedy Settlement functions for consumers and Merchants;
    • includes Inbound & Outbound Cross-border payments in 40 currencies including Renminbi;
  • a universal Prepaid Card System/Platform with a seamless and user-friendly Back Office that manages and supports physical and online Card Transactions packed with Loyalty, Couponing, and Redemption components;
    • assisted by brandable Mobile Wallets; POS terminal infrastructure; and Big Data mining systems
  • safe and smart contracts for the transaction of anything of value (e.g. insurance, security trades, etc.)
Whom are we calling the “Poor”?

Extreme poverty is a global challenge. The World Bank forecasts that 702 million people were living in extreme poverty in 2015. Of these, about 347 million people lived in Sub-Saharan Africa (35.2% of the population) and 231 million lived in South Asia (13.5% of the population).

UNICEF estimates half the world’s children (or 1.1 billion) live in poverty. Another estimate places the true scale of poverty much higher than the World Bank, with an estimated 4.3 billion people (59 percent of the world’s population) living with less than $5 a day and unable to meet basic needs adequately.

Whatever these numbers are … bottom line, they are extremely LARGE!

Three quarters of the world’s poor do not have a bank account. This is not only because they are poor, but the cost, travel distance and amount of paper work involved in opening an account is overwhelming for them! In addition, it is also because banks are not interested in them for economic reasons. Because, according to the American Banking Association, it costs banks between US$250 and US$300 per year to open and maintain a bank account.
So imagine that about 25% of adults in the world earning less than $2 a day having sufficient funds to justify the banks’ decisions to open accounts for them? The problem of these billions of unbanked people is a vicious circle! Who is going to step up and provide them with a solution that could lift them from poverty?
It is the hope that an inexpensive Prepaid Card Platform and System can, using volume as a justification method, help lift the poor to a higher standard!
How do we do this?
Reduction in Money Transfer Costs – According to the World Bank the average transaction fee paid by the poor to transfer funds from one country to another is about 9%. So, if an Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW) wants to send US$100 from Malaysia to Bangladesh, it would cost the OFW $9.00. When the funds arrive in Bangladesh, there is no guarantee that the Recipient would not be charged some more (for Foreign Exchange) when the cash is delivered to the Recipient’s hands. In most Western Banks, there is a Service Charge of $30.00 plus a percentage (about 3%) of the funds transferred.
Technologies – Most poor people do not own a Smartphone. But these days it is getting common to see more and more poor using them. Inexpensive phones are opening new opportunities to the poor too. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, the poor are more reliant on smartphones. Most of them use a Pay As You Go (Prepaid) plan.
The OneCard Platform could be integrated to corresponding Mobile Wallets that belong to the poor subscribers’ messaging system. With these phones and mobile wallets, the poor can use them to buy goods and services (often read by wi-fi Point of Sale Terminals; or online Merchants).
We reiterate – our focus would be to enable the poor, including the 2.0 billion unbanked people of the world.

Our aim is to improve the quality of life by building the world’s capacity to support its inhabitants by first having the ability to have a financial account by way of owning a WCB OneCard Prepaid Card that would, in turn, provide them a way to buy goods and services, earn rewards, and redeem points for rewards – even online.

25% of adults worldwide earn less than $2 per day

Built to influence.
Investment Opportunities
Capacity Builders considers world-class and disruptive technologies carefully, and makes investments in very good technologies and ideas.
Send us your Deck and Executive Summary. Please enumerate how and why your Project will be good for the poor, or how it would improve their capacities. Please do not include any sensitive information. High-level information would be sufficient.
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Because we meet so many people with ideas we shall be adverse in signing Non-Disclosure Agreements. So, please do not send us any sensitive information..
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World Capacity Builders

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Investment Opportunities. Capacity Builders considers world-class and disruptive technologies carefully, and makes investments on very good technologies and ideas.
World Capacity Builders
“If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.”
– Confucius
“The future depends on what we do in the present.”
– Mahatma Gandhi